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Washington Landscapes
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Barn, Palouse
Old Barn & Grasses
Owl & Barn
Canola & Clouds
Canola & Poppies
Undulating Hills
Fields After Harvest
Golden Wheat
Fallow Fields & Winter Wheat
Granary & Railroad Tracks
Granary & Shapes
Green Hills, Blue Sky & Clouds
Plowed Fields
Rusty Truck, Blue Sky & Clouds
Tree Shadows
Round Barn
Wheat Stalk
Old Sign
Partially Plowed Fields
Canola and Fence
More Undulating Hills
Old Farm Machinery
Crop Duster
Truck With Bullet Holes
Iron Wheel Fence, Palouse
Town of Palouse
Old Texaco Station, Palouse
Rusty Truck 1, Palouse
Rusty Truck 2, Palouse
Perkins House Desk, Colfax, Palouse
Perkins House, Colfax, Palouse
Light On Fields, Palouse
Palouse Hills at Dawn
Lone Tree
Red Barn & Wheat, Palouse
Red Barn & Clouds 2, Palouse
Red Barn & Clouds 1, Palouse
Hay Bales, Palouse
Round Barn & Wheat, Palouse
Red Barn & Moon, Palouse
Barn & Silo, Palouse Area
Old Barn and Sunflowers, Palouse
Waves of Grain, Palouse
Wheat Grain Blur, Palouse
Flower & Wheat, Palouse
Field Patterns 5, Palouse
View from Steptoe Butte, Palouse
Field Patterns 1, Palouse
Field Patterns 2, Palouse
Plowed Garbonzo Bean Fields, Palouse
Field Patterns 3, Palouse
Field Patterns 4, Palouse
Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns, Palouse
Crop Duster 1, Palouse
Crop Duster 2, Palouse
Harvesting Wheat, Palouse
After Ride On Combine
View From Inside Combine, Palouse
Unloading Wheat at the Granary, Palouse
Palouse Red Barn, Full Moon, Pink Sky
Hills & Sky, Palouse
Amazing Palouse Clouds
Sunset From Steptoe Butte, Palouse
Admiralty Head Light
Admiralty Head Light
Berries and Old Fence
Old Barn
Great Blue Heron
Coupeville Harbor
Sunrise Light on Coupeville Wharf
Coupeville Wharf
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